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KnowledgeLab’s Maximum Performance Methodology combines proven, repeatable and actionable business principles with innovative methods to maximize your relationships with customers, suppliers and employees while improving processes and information technology to benefit your bottom line. Maximum results can only be achieved by understanding the effect of change on your organization both upstream and downstream. Simply improving processes without employee buy-in or automating broken processes will at best achieve minimal results or worse result in failure. We do not automate bad or broken business rules and processes. KnowledgeLab looks at all aspects of a problem from the customer, supplier, employee, process and the right technology to maximize performance. Leaving any one of these entities out of the solution diminishes the likelihood of success and ultimate performance over time. These principles apply to every aspect of a business but even more to areas such as sales and marketing where relationships are paramount. We use a mix of tools including proprietary methodology, client mapping, business process reengineering and other proven tools to provide you with maximum performance. KnowledgeLab provides services in the following areas:


   Executive Management and Human Capital

   Financial Analysis

   Business Process Reengineering

   Information Technology


   Sales and Business Development

   Sales Rep Performance

   Compensation Plans

   Customer Satisfaction and Performance


   Market Analysis

   Marketing Mix and Strategy

    Event Planning and Execution

        Start-up Services

   Business Plan Development


Start-up - Second Stage - Corporate

“You should be able to tell a company’s strategic plan and goals from the sales compensation plan”