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Business is conducted by people, internally and externally with employees, customers suppliers and the public. Employees are one of our most expensive assets.  Productivity...


We are all familiar with processes, supply chain, sales, PO, A/R, etc., that span our entire organization. Many of us have been involved in or heard of process reengineering...


Maximum performers, the leaders, perform over time. This is achieved by empowering people and processes and then implementing tools to measure results…

What Keeps You Up at Night?

Executive Management and Human Capital

Customer satisfaction? Customer Loyalty?

Is your company easy to do business with?

Are your employees motivated to achieve?


Are your sales flat or declining?

Which of your accounts are profitable?

Is your comp plan aligned with company goals?


Are you truly reaching your target market?

Is the web 2.0 revolution confusing?


Information Technology

Concerned about automating broken processes?

Do you migrate or leap frog to emerging technologies?

Start Ups

How mush capital? Business plan? Government compliance, rules and regulations? Sales and marketing plan?



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Companies who embrace these principles out perform the S&P 500 by 500%

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Start-up - Second Stage - Corporate

Core Values - Winner

Win / Win / Win For our customer, our employees and KnowledgeLab. Without our customers and employees we would not be in business.

INtegrity We will adhere to moral and ethical principles; honesty is doing what is right when no one is looking.

Excellence We expect each individual to excel to the best of their ability, constantly growing and improving. A job well done is everyone’s responsibility. “It is our job.” Our purpose is to exceed expectations.

Respect Business is conducted by people, each deserving of respect for their individual abilities, knowledge and experience.

KnowledgeLab’s Methodology

Maximum Performance - High Profit / Low Costs; Highly Productive Employees; Reduced Turnover. This is the result of an understanding of how customers and employees impact processes and information technology. Company cultures that empower your most important asset, employees and customers, succeed over time at a rate five times the S&P 500.

Jack Bobbitt briefing Ambassador Baker on President Bush’s approaching trip to Tokyo Japan.


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